Week 3 Trim Healthy Mama – Luscious Lemon Cake (S)

So this ends our week of traveling and I didn’t really do well at staying on plan.  I didn’t lose any more weight but I didn’t gain any too.  I’m glad to be home and I’ll get back on plan tomorrow!  I tried the Luscious Lemon Cake on page 289 and YUMMY!!!  I love lemon and this just might be a new favorite treat!  I had it for desert and I can’t wait to eat it again!!!

Well, I decided to have the Luscious Lemon Cake for breakfast.  Not really the best of breakfast, but it was so yummy last night.  I’ve been having a little digestive issues trying to get used to the sweeteners.  I think I’ve determined that I can’t have this much sweet this early in the morning.  I made it with the Gentle Sweet and maybe I need to switch to super sweet.  I don’t know, but the first half of the day was rough.  Other than that I’ve been feeling really amazing!  I have more energy and even my mood is better!  I’m still enjoying no swelling in my ankles and legs!  🙂

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