Update: Independent Beauty Consultant Agreements

In March 2010, we made several changes to the Independent Beauty Consultant Agreement, including the addition of the Mineral Powder Foundation bundles to the Starter Kit. We continue to receive through the mail many hard-copy older versions of the Independent Beauty Consultant Agreement, and those older versions of the Agreement sometimes do not include a handwritten choice of foundation bundle. In those cases, the Company automatically ships the new Independent Beauty Consultant the default Mineral Powder Foundation bundle variety pack. In order to better meet the needs of new Independent Beauty Consultants, effective May 1, 2011, we will no longer accept any hard-copy Independent Beauty Consultant Agreements older than the March 2010 version. Starting May 1, Customer Service representatives will be unable to process Independent Beauty Consultant Agreements older than the March 2010 form. If they do receive an older version of the Agreement, they will contact the recruiter or Independent Sales Director to request a new, updated Independent Beauty Consultant Agreement. (If you’re not sure which hard-copy version of the Agreement you have on hand, check the upper left-hand corner of Page 1 or the bottom right-hand corner of the last page of the Agreement.) Note: The March 2011 hard-copy-version of the Beauty Consultant Agreement will now be on legal-size paper due to the addition of the new TimeWise® Liquid foundation bundles as a Starter Kit choice.

The online version of the Independent Beauty Consultant Agreement is updated instantly whenever a change takes place. We encourage you to take advantage of this great tool whenever possible. It can save you time and help your new Independent Beauty Consultant get off to a faster start with Mary Kay!

Thank you in advance for your cooperation!

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