Top 10 Reasons to Come to Seminar

If for some reason you haven’t registered for Seminar 2011, what are you waiting for? Registration ends July 4! Don’t miss it … it’s the experience of a lifetime! Here are your top 10 reasons to join us at Seminar. Drum roll, please … 10. It’s the entire Mary Kay experience wrapped up in a bow!
9. The chance to preview the next quarter’s products at the Expo.
8. An awesome product giveaway worth the price of your registration!
7. Incredible speeches from independent sales force leaders – many of whom have overcome tremendous obstacles to get where they are today.
6. Recognition, recognition, recognition!
5. A full schedule of classes tailored for your career status.
4. The parties – especially Awards Night!
3. Fabulous entertainment from the Friends of Tyme – it’s like being at the Academy Awards!
2. The sisterhood. Feel the love! And the No. 1 reason to go to Seminar:
1. Who doesn’t love Dallas in the summer? (Wait – don’t answer that.)

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