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Charcoal Mask - Deep cleansing poor de-clogging WASH OFF not rip off mask. It will gently sanitize the skin for ultimate purity of the pores. Contains triple action charcoal for oil absorption, shine reduction and skin purification.Moisture Renewal Gel Mask - This clear gel will renew the proper levels of moisture to your skin leaving a plump hydrated feel that last for days. Skin appears less stressed, feels nourished, purified and calmed.Revealing Radiance Facial Peel - Thin layer of glycolic acid to gently dissolve away dead skin and impurities, leaving your skin radiant, glowing, brightened, tightened, smoothed, and silky to the touch.Salon Grade Microdermabrasion Plus - Deep exfoliation for polished younger looking skin and significantly smaller pores. Persian silk tree bark extract and soybean extract in pore minimizer are shown to support factors important to skin. May help tighten the look of skin overall and around pores. Skin calming and comforting benefits on skin's surface provided by Pore Minimizer are assisted by sea whip extract and evodia fruit extract.I don't know, surprise me!

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Just a few more things before you go!

Thank you for your time! Remember to dress comfortably and wear shoes easily removable shoes for the foot and ankle treatment (If included in your package). All treatments are complimentary, and there is no obligation to buy! Yet, if you would like to purchase anything, you may do so at the end of the experience.

What to Expect at Your Beauty Experience
Due to the nature of this relaxing experience, we ask that you leave young children at home or coordinate childcare during the experience, Teens are welcome with a parent.

If you are coming to my home, I do have two boys 13 and 3, I try to make sure that they are taken care of so they won’t bother us duing your session.  If you are unable to arrange child care, bring them along and they can play with my boys.

The experience will last no longer than 2 hours!
You’ll experience a MK Facial that includes deep cleaning, the treatment of your choice, spa lip treatment, expert foundation matching, and a gift bag.
I look forward to getting to know you at your experience!
If you would like to receive a free gift at your experience please text a selfie and your name to 317-426-9563.  You can also text or call this number with any questions.

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Consultants Information
Amy Sacher
Independent Beauty Consultant
Call or text: 317-426-9563
Shop online: www.marykay.com/amysacher
Email: amyscoxacher@gmail.com
Facebook: facebook.com/amysacher
Facebook Business Page: www.facebook.com/MaryKaybyAmySacher

About Amy
Hi, my name is Amy Sacher. I am married and we don’t have any kids of our own, but I’m a foster Mom to two boys who are 13 and 3.  I also have two kitty fur babies, Leo and Lilly. I’ve been with Mary Kay for 16 years and I love it! For the last 9 years, Mary Kay has been my full-time job, before Mary Kay I was a Systems Engineer.
I love Mary Kay because I get to help women feel beautiful and love their skin. It’s my job to work with you to find the perfect products for your skin and with 15 years experience, you can feel confident that I’ll find the right products for you! Here is a selfie of me so you’ll know what I look like before your experience!

If you are coming to my home:
I do most of my appointments in my home.  If you are coming to my house, please be aware that I have two very sweet and friendly cats. Leo and Lilly are brother and sister rescues from the same litter. It’s possible while you are here, Leo may ask you to play fetch with him and both may want to play or ask you to pet them. They are extremely sweet, playful and friendly. They greet almost everyone that comes to the house (if it’s not their nap time).  I will vacuum before you get here and wipe down the table.  I use an air purifier that helps knock allergens out of the air.  We are remodeling our house so please excuse the mess.  If you are allergic to cats, I try very hard to make sure items that we’ll be using on your face do not come in contact with cat hair or dander.
My home is wheel chair accessible, but the ramp can be a little slick when it’s wet or icey so please use caution.

If you are coming to the studio on Thursday Night:
You will notice that there will be a group of consultants and other guests like you there.  This is our consultant training night.  This is an opportunity for our consultants observe and learn from experienced consultants like me.  We do our best to make it a fun night out for you and our consultants. Don’t worry we won’t embarrass you.
Our consultants will be dressed in business attire, but you are welcome to wear whatever you are comfortable in.  Because this is our training night we ask that you do not bring children with you.  I do love kids, if you are unable to arrange child care, let me know so we can schedule another night.

If I’m coming to your home or one of your friends home:
I’ll bring everything we need.  Sitting around a table is how we typically do this. However, this can be done on the couch or just about anywhere.  I will need access to some water.

Wherever we are meeting, my hope is that you love the products and have fun!

Feel free to look me up and add me on facebook www.facebook.com/amysacher

Here is a picture of my cats Leo and Lilly

About Mary Kay

Mary Kay is one of the largest cosmetic companies in the world! The company was started in 1963 by a woman named Mary Kay Ash. Today the company is still owned by her family. I love that it’s a family-owned business!
The company is based on the golden rule and God 1st, family 2nd and career 3rd.
Our products are manufactured in the USA and we are one of the biggest advocates AGAINST animal testing!!!!!
Check out our amazing line of products on my website www.marykay.com/amysacher

Below are real comments from real people who have attended the Beauty Experiences with me.

491 thoughts on “Welcome to the Beauty Experience”

  1. I liked trying out the new all the news products, as this is my first Mary Kay experience. I liked the primer and the mask. Super fun and informative!

  2. I just wanted to tell all of you that the cream eye color really does stay on all day! OMG it is AMAZING!!!!!! Thank you Amy for introducing me to the cream eye color. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

  3. I loved how truly refreshed my face felt after completing a charcoal mask! Feeling pampered with my friends made for a fabulous night which was all thanks to Amy Sacher, our glowing consultant 🙂

  4. I liked being informed on the products including the skin care =) The CC cream was my favorite.

  5. Amy was very nice and she made it very exciting. It felt great to relax and learn a little more about Mary Kay.

  6. I enjoyed the facial mask and great service.. Amy has a beautiful spirit, great products. I love how soft and defined my face looks. Thank you so much Amy

  7. I liked everything! The entire experience was amazing. My favorite product is between the CC and the lip balm. Amy you are so inspiring and beautiful inside and out. <3

  8. Amy made me feel comfortable with being the only male in the group. I liked the charcoal mask.

  9. I love the new TimeWise 3D Day Cream. It’s so rich! I’m a long time user of the old one and this new one is so much better!!!!!

  10. I loved my consultant Amy, she was amazing and really made this experience super fun and comfortable. I learned so much about skin care that I didn’t know before and thought the information was very helpful. I liked the cleanser, mascara, and day cream.

  11. I liked learning about the makeup while getting pampered a little too. The mascara and the charcoal mask are my favorite!!!

  12. Amy is great! She is so knowledgeable about the products and do’s and dont’s! I learned a lot today. I really enjoyed the skin care products, especially the primer and the moisturizer, exfoliater and the mascara!

  13. Everything was great! I enjoyed the hands-on experience and learning how everything works. My favorite products are the cleanser and the day cream

  14. Amy is great! She is so knowledgeable about the products and do’s and don’ts. I learned a lot today. I really enjoyed the skin care products, especially the primer and the mascara.

  15. Amy’s knowledge and excitement about the products was great. I liked the eye cream the best

  16. This was my third experience with Amy and I am still finding items I like and want to try! Today I liked the Facial peel and the satin lips.

  17. I liked everything. Was so clearly explained and it worked as it is mentioned…loved Amy <3 My favorites I tried to day was facial peel, moisturizer, eye shadow, cc cream and mascara

  18. I enjoy gather my friends and sharing this experience with them. There know how much I want this and they came favorite was the foundation.

  19. the charcoal mask was my favorite. Over all great experience made me feel good about myself

  20. My favorite is trying all the new stuff that is good for your face but mostly is having fun trying it out. <3

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