Archive | June 2010

You can meet new customers everywhere!

Today at lunch, I went to Noodle and Company in Broad Ripple with the gang at work.  One of the workers noticed my Mary Kay bag and I gave her a $10 gift card, got her information to put her on my mailing list, and gave her a gift card to give to the other two ladies that worked there!  You never know where your going to meet a new potential customer!

New Products Are Here!!!

I received the new products today!  I am in love with the smell of the Coconut Lime Gift Set!  If you would like to see the new products feel free to come by!  Just check my schedule and let me know your coming!

Emerald Star!

When I submitted my order today it made me an Emerald Star!  This is the first time I have achieved Emerald Star!  You reach Emerald Star with $3,600 wholesale!!  🙂