Week 4 Trim Healthy Mama – Zapple Crumble (S)

Today I’m a disaster in the kitchen!  I’m not sure what’s up but I am really off my game today.  I decided to try the Zapple Crumble on page 337.  I set out to get my zucchinis seeded and sliced…I cut my finger cutting the zucchini.  It’s so rare that I cut myself in the kitchen, I can’t believe I did this, I’m usually so careful!  It’s not too deep, but is sure bleed a lot.  Once I got my zucchinis sliced I realized I forgot to peel them.  🙁  So I stood peeling slices for what seemed like hours, but I finally got it done.  When Joe came in from working outside he didn’t seem to notice I was peeling slices but I gave myself up.  I told him that I must have been channeling my Mom in the kitchen today.  Now, my Mom was an AMAZING cook!  She could cook anything, but she was always cutting her fingers with the knife.  She probably would not have made the mistake of forgetting to peel the zucchinis before slicing them so I was just referring to the knife cutting my finger part.  I really miss her cooking.  Later when I went to do the dishes I found a paper towel in the sink.  This is something my Mom did all the time and it would drive me crazy to find one of her wet paper towels in the sink.  Now that she’s been in heaven for 2 and a half years I miss finding her paper towels in the sink and would never complain again.  I still miss her so much and had no idea that when I told Joe I was channeling my Mom in the kitchen that I would without realizing it put a paper towel in the sink to find later.  When I saw it, I just stood there and laughed and said out loud, “I love you and miss you Mom!!”

Ok, back to the Zapple Crumble.  I don’t know what I did wrong but it was really watery, but it was good.  Not as good as it would have been if I had used Apples but it was good.  Makes me wonder if I make it again if I added some apple flavor if that would make it better?  I’ll let you know if I try it.

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