What is the primary benefit of the TimeWise® Miracle Set™ for someone in her 20s, especially when it’s possible for her skin to look so good at that age?

Of the 11 age fighting benefits in the Miracle Set™, the number one benefit is the sun protection we get from TimeWise® Day Solution SPF 25*. In our mid 20’s, although skin degradation is not clearly visible, we are already on the decline. This natural aging is then combined with a period in our lives where many of us engage in the risky behavior of tanning. To protect our skin, it is important to start using a daily sunscreen protection as well as a skin health regimen, such as the Miracle Set™, to keep skin looking young for the long term. In our 20s and throughout our lives, sun protection is the key to healthy, youthful-looking skin.

*Over-the-counter drug product