The Mary Kay® Personal Beauty Profiler – Try it. You’ll love it!

Published 04.04.11

In December, Create-A-Look Online MakeoverSM was removed from the Mary Kay InTouch® website to transition to the more versatile Mary Kay® Personal Beauty Profiler. Following are just some of the great advantages of this new tool!


The Mary Kay® Personal Beauty Profiler:

  • Can be updated to quickly get new color shades out to you!
  • Offers more comprehensive shade recommendations. And for customers who prefer to see a full look, you can still use the Mary Kay® Virtual Makeover.
  • Just like Create-A-Look, it is connected to myCustomers® – so information about your customers will be added right to their profiles!
  • Allows your customers to send items directly to their shopping cart!
  • Your customers can use the Mary Kay® Personal Beauty Profiler from either or your Mary Kay® Personal Web Site. You can also initiate the process for them!

Go to Product Central and learn how to find natural, classic or dramatic looks through myCustomers® and Mary Kay® Virtual Makeover. Try this versatile tool for yourself and then share it with your customers! We’re confident that you and your customers will fall in love with it!

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