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Courtesy of Lori Hogg, Makeup Artist

Here we go again…. The leaves are falling and the season is in change! So when the season changes….. It’s time for some Makeup changes!  We need to make a few adjustments to our daily routine to weather proof our beautiful faces!

1st…. We need to rearrange our skin care and make sure we are getting the proper hydration needed. Dehydrated skin
= FINE LINES or not so fine! With the colder weather, comes chapped skin! This is the time to really Hydrate your skin and show some extra love. Wind, winters and COLD’s can do damage to our skin that we can prevent. My FAVORITE to get the job done is the Mary Kay Repair Set!!

2nd…. Make sure your lips are being pampered. Satin Lips is a MUST for this time of year. Keeping your lips exfoliated and moisturized can help prevent chapped lips! Sometimes you need more then a lip balm!

3rd…. Update your Foundation color! We lose most of our color in the fall/winter time. Therefore, a lighter foundation tone is a MUST! Looking orange or blotchy is NOT a hot look this winter…. Or ever!  Also— switch out the finish of the foundation. Even the most moisturized skin can look textured using a matte foundation in the winter! To keep a nice, healthy, elastic look, use a Luminous Foundation Finish! Fine lines will not be enhanced. My BEST suggestion would be the Mary Kay CC Cream‘s!! Beautiful coverage, 10hr moisturizing, zero fine lines….. I’m ALL about it!

4th…. Set makeup with Translucent Powder so not to OVER Mattify the face! Over mattifying = FINE LINES/TEXTURED looking skin.

5th…. Don’t be afraid to add a POP of color! Cream Shadows are an easy way to get soft color washes on the eye! Not too much, but just enough. For more drama, layer with fun powder shadows. True Dimension’s Lipsticks are the prefect choice for the fall winter seasons. Plenty of moisture and beautiful color choices! Keep the lips soft and full all day! Finally….. I love to add a touch of Bronzing Powder to the face to give a little extra color! No Umpa-Lumpa’s need apply!!! A few gentle strokes across the forehead, cheeks and chin is just enough to give life back to the face!

Hope this helps everyone have a FINE LINE FREE season!!!

Amy Sacher
Independent Beauty Consultant

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