Graveyard Sale on 10/26/17

Do you have a cosmetics graveyard?
Have your beauty products been “buried” in your makeup bag for way too long?
Did some of your products “die” in the 80s?
Perhaps you have things that have – gasp – expired?
Bring your items to fill our trash can!

You must RSVP!
You’ll get pampered with a FREE Mary Kay facial!
Then you’ll receive a 1% discount for each product that you trash!!
Up to 20 items for a whopping 20% off!!!

Bring a friend to the trash it party that I don’t know and get an extra 5% off!!!!

She gets a FREE pampering session and she can trash her junk too!

Seats are limited! Reserve yours today!!!!

This sale is for the clients, friends, and family of Amy Sacher. If you have a Mary Kay consultant please ask her for her sale information.

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