Foundation Finder Gets Your Customers Buzzing!

With the launch of the new TimeWise® Liquid Foundations to your customers today, you’ll want to take full advantage of the Foundation Finder Online Quiz, a tool that helps your customers find the perfect formula for their skin types. And that’s just the beginning. Best of all, not only does the Foundation Finder introduce your customers to these fabulous new foundations, it gives you a great opportunity to follow up with them for a personal appointment. It’s a beautiful blend of technology and personalized service!

How do you get started? Easy. You can send a Mary Kay® Personal Beauty Profiler MKeCard® to your skin care customers to direct them to your Mary Kay® Personal Web Site to take the quiz and find the right formula. Then book appointments with each of your customers so you can show them flawless foundation application techniques and all of the products they need for complexion perfection, like the new Mary Kay® Foundation Primer, matching concealer and foundation brush!

And by the way, if you were a Create-A-Look fan, you’ve got to check out the Mary Kay® Personal Beauty Profiler. This tool offers more comprehensive solutions to your customers’ beauty challenges, giving them skin care, color and fragrance recommendations, and ties into myCustomers®, making follow-up appointments and record-keeping a breeze. Check it out!

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