Premier Plus Promotion Mustang Mania!

Get ready to rev up your engines for this exciting new promotion that gives you the opportunity to earn the use of a 2012 Ford Mustang!

Eligible* Independent Sales Directors achieving Premier Plus from June 2011 through June 2012 with a minimum of $65,000 net adjusted unit wholesale production within two consecutive calendar quarters can select the use of the black, sporty Ford Mustang. Qualifiers also will receive recognition at all Company special events as a Premier Club Achiever!

In addition to the regular Career Car Insurance and 12-Point Rating System requirements , qualifiers must also meet the following:

  • Additional authorized drivers must be 25 years or older. There is no minimum age requirement pertaining to qualifiers.
  • Both qualifiers and additional authorized drivers must have 4 or less points assessed under the 12-Point Rating System.

In addition to the Ford Mustang option, Premier Plus qualifiers have the option of selecting the use of the Chevy Equinox, Toyota Camry or selecting Premier Club Cash Compensation. Maintenance requirements for this award will be the same as the Premier Club Program.

*Independent Sales Directors are eligible to participate in the promotion if they are:

  • In Career Car requalification
  • Grand Achievers (Career Car or Cash Compensation)
  • Currently maintaining a Premier Club Cash Compensation award

Independent Sales Directors are ineligible if they are currently driving a Premier Club Career Car and are not in requalification during the Premier Plus promotion period.

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