Make $1800 in April

Thank you to SNSD Cheryl Warfield for sharing this at the Director’s Meeting!!
Want to earn your CAR and make $1800 in April???!!!!!
Plus start DIQ, May 1st.
Focus on the 3 sets for Mother’s Day–Journey, Bella and Belara.
How I describe them:
  • Journey is for the active, sporty woman…light and crisp citrus
  • Bella is for the romantic woman…powdery floral
  • Belara is for the fun, everyday woman…crisp and clean, light floral
Here’s the PLAN!
Call men and women for Mother’s day.  Offer the special Fragrance Set, wrapped and shipped for FREE.
The top 3 gifts for Mom’s:  Dinner Out and its over in an hour.  Flowers and they die in a week.
Fragrances will last until next Mother’s Day.  Mary Kay is 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed so she can always exchange for skincare or other times.
Sell 2 sets to 36 Men or Women….everyone has 2 Mom’s in their lives.  Mom’s, In-laws, Daughters, Sisters.
Sales will total $110 per person = CUSTOMER COUNT NECKLACE PROMOTION, DONE!
Total Sales will be over $3600 retail!!
$1800 wholesale order placed = STAR CONSULTANT PROMOTION, DONE!
PROFIT will also be $1800!
Could you use an extra $1800 this month???
NOW Here’s the Bigger PLAN = MK CAR!!!!
Talk to all your friends, customers, relatives…ask them if they could use a few thousand dollars this month.
Most will say yes.  Give them the plan to sell two Sets to 36 people (men and women).
$1800 order and $1800 profit.  If they order them all so they can deliver then they will also get over $400 in bonuses plus STAR!!
what if 10 recruited and followed this plan?  Plus you.
Your production will be $19800!!  4 more place a minimum $200 and YOU HAVE EARNED THE USE OF THE CHEVY MALIBU to be delivered just in time for Summer Vacation!!!!
What if you and 2 others follow this plan….Could you get excited about $60,000 wholesale for the month?
How much do you need to finish your Cadillac because you would only be $36,000 from your PINK CAR!!!
What about Unit Club or the Trip to Greece?
I don’t know about you but I am EXCITED!!!!!  I have already talked to Jenny, Sarah and Deanna about this plan and they are working it!  OK so here’s another twist…..what if you contacted corporations, women’s groups, Kiwanis clubs, church groups, etc… to donate a basket for Mother’s…pregnancy centers, domestic violence safe houses, Ronald McDonald homes, cancer wards, or even for the wives or mom’s of our Military???  Find the cause and I bet you will find someone to pay for the gift.  Sell 72 sets.  DONE.
So what are you doing over the next 3 weeks?  All orders need to be placed by April 28th to be assured delivery by June 7th if using the $5 Shipping offered to ACTIVE Consultants!!!
Make your list of who to call.  Individuals, Charities, etc……
How much are you willing to put into it to get over $1800 out of it???
Click here for a printable flier.

The perfect sets to warm Mom's heart!