Welcome to the unit website for Amy’s Shining Stars and Independent Sales Director Amy Sacher!  This website is dedicated to the education and recognition of the Shining Stars Unit.

We debuted as a unit on September 1, 2010!

Amy Sacher joined Mary Kay December 9th 2003


Why I joined Mary Kay

I joined Mary Kay December of 2003 as a birthday present to myself.  If you would have asked me a few months before I would have told you there was no way I would do something like that.  I was working in IT for a company that did not appreciate me.  I was over worked, underappreciated, and underpaid.  I often went to work wondering who was going to try to stab me in the back today.  I began searching for something to feel the void to make me feel better about what I did.

A coworker who I thought highly of and liked had started selling Longaberger.  She was having so much fun that I thought maybe this is what I was looking for.  Plus, I have always been so shy, that maybe this will help me be less shy.  So, I joined and at first I enjoyed it, but within a few months I ran into a problem that many Consultants who sell a non-consumable product face.  All my friends, family, and customers had all the Longaberger items they wanted.  Not to mention that the sales meetings are almost an hour away from my home.  When I asked if there was another meeting I could attend near my home, I was told that there was but they were not good to their adoptees.  This left me pretty discouraged.  I didn’t want to disappoint my friend who got me into Longaberger, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to continue.

In late October I was driving home from work feeling sorry for myself over a rough day, when my phone rang.  It was one of my best friends from high school.  To protect her identity I’m going to change her name and call her Becky.   Unfortunately for Becky, she was in the middle of a messy divorce and an ugly custody battle over their daughter.  As if this wasn’t bad enough Becky called me because she had just gotten fired from her job.  As she told me what had happened I could tell she felt her whole world crumbling down around her and that this could be her last night…Every instinct told me I needed to keep her on the phone and get to her as fast as possible.  When she finished her story and was ready for me to give her some encouraging words I couldn’t believe what came out of my mouth.  I said “Let me call you back!  Don’t do anything until I call you back!”  Then I hung up on her without giving her any time to respond.

I set the phone down on the empty passenger seat next to me and prayed.  I asked God for the wisdom and the words that I needed to help her.  Then I asked God for a sign of what I should tell her to do and to please make it a very clear sign.  Something that was more than an idea or thought, I needed something tangible and fast.  I ended my prayer and imminently began looking for my sign.  I knew without a doubt, God would guide me to the answer.

As I continued to drive home, I knew that I should call her back but I still didn’t know what to say, but I should at least get her on the phone right?  When I went to reach for the phone it seemed as if the passenger seat where the phone sat was a mile away and instead I turned on the radio.  I panicked, shouting “what am I doing, I need to get her back on the phone!”  Then I quickly realized that God must have guided my hand to the radio.  Every day on my way home from work I would listen to the “Daily Dilemma.”  The Daily Dilemma was where a listener would call or write in with a problem and other listeners would call in with solutions to the problem.  I thanked God because the Dilemma for that day was a woman who was not my friend but was calling in with the same problem!  I said aloud, “Thank you God!”  I just knew this is where I would get the answer I needed.  The first person who called in with a solution said; “She should consider becoming a Mary Kay Consultant.  It’s a God first, Family Second, Career third company.  There are no glass ceilings on the money you can make.  Our sales meetings help lift you up.  It’s really a great company!”  I thought Becky would probably really enjoy that and the next caller called in with a different idea and I forgot about Mary Kay.  Asking aloud, “where is my sign” while I continued on my drive.

I’ve always noticed custom license plates and I saw one that said CUDBU2.  As I got closer, I realized it was a Mary Kay pink Cadillac!  Now I had a bit of a lead foot and I passed the pink Cadillac.  As I passed the next car it was also a Mary Kay car and so was the next one and the next one…Believe it or not, I passed 10 Mary Kay cars in a row!  Before that day, I don’t think I ever even noticed one before.  So, I looked up and said “OK, I get the hint!  Thank you!”

I turned off the radio and since I had been a Mary Kay user for almost 10 years I had my Mary Kay Consultant programmed into my cell phone.  I called her and quickly said “I have a friend who I think needs to sell Mary Kay, but I don’t really know because I haven’t asked her yet.  If she does I am going to pay to get her started!”  I gasped because I had just committed to paying for her to get started and I had no idea what the cost was.  When I had started Longaberger it was over $400.  I couldn’t afford to pay $400 for her.  When she said it only cost $100 to get started, I was so relived!  I could spare $100 to help a friend.  I asked her if it was ok if I had Becky call her and she said yes, so I disconnected and called Becky back.  I told Becky about praying and asking for a sign, about the radio, and about the line of Mary Kay cars I had passed.  Then I gave her my consultant’s number and told her to call her right away.

It just so happened that there was a big Mary Kay event the next day Becky was going to go with my consultant.  They asked me to go along as well, but I wasn’t interested, so they went without me.  After the event, Becky called me and was so excited about what she had learned and she couldn’t wait to get started.  So, I wrote a check for the $100 and watched Becky over the next month go from depressed to excited and energized.  As I learned more about Mary Kay I realized that Mary Kay Consultants earned 50% commission and Longaberger consultants got only 35%.  That made me feel a little ripped off by Longaberger.  For the next month all I could think about was that license plate CUDBU2.  My brain was so preoccupied by CUDBU2 I had trouble thinking of anything else!  So the day after my birthday I called my Mary Kay Consultant and said “I have no idea how, I’m going to do this, but I think I need to become a Mary Kay Consultant too.”

I have loved every minute of being a consultant and have no intention of ever retiring!  I went from being shy to someone who most people who meet me today would never believe I used to be shy.

Thank you for reading my story, here is a little information about Mary Kay:

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  1. I am a Canadian Senior Mary Kay Consultant. I have been Google-searching information on the new Mary Kay products (Timewise Foundation, Foundation Primer, etc.)and your website has popped up several times.
    It is informative, interesting and motivating. From what I can see, you are an amazing Director and should have no problems having a superlative unit. Would that all Directors were able to reach, teach and inspire as you do. Perhaps some day we will meet. If not, I wish you only the very best. For myself, it will be 5 years that I have been a consultant, come January 2011. My goal is to be Director on stage at Seminar 2011. God Bless you and keep you well. And, a heartfelt thank you for this wonderful information that you so generously share. Hugs ?

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