Illegal Transaction

It’s been an interesting week outside my window at work. I just so happen to look out my window and see two men great each other with a handshake. It looked like something changed hands during the handshake (I assumed it was money). They talk for a few minutes and one of the men crosses the street and sits down on the bench at the bus stop. The other man stands there for a few minutes and drops a small duffel bag in the bushes. He stands there a few minutes longer and then walks away.

The man on the bench watches the man walk away for about a minute then crosses the street. He stands next to the bush with the bag for a minute, then picks it up and quickly walks away in the other direction.

I wonder what was in the bag? Drugs? Guns?

One Woman Against Two Men! OMG!

I often see interesting things happen outside my window at work and today was no exception!  I was doing some work and could hear yelling outside  my window.  I looked up and saw a woman yelling at two men.  I couldn’t make out what they were saying, but one of the men kept tugging on her clothes and she would smack him to make him stop.  We were worried about it getting violet so we called our security (who is off duty police officers).  I’m not sure what these men did to this woman but she was really telling them off!  They kept pushing her and she was getting more and more angry.  When she pushed one of the men back, he got really upset an lunged at her and started strangling her.  Just as this happened the cops showed up and the they moved out of my view.

Mary Kay® Commercial to Air

Watch ABC’s Good Morning America this week, as the latest Mary Kay® commercial will air during a commercial break featuring independent celebrity makeup artist Ashunta Sheriff creating great looks at a great value. These beauty tips are sure to get your customers excited about staying beautiful on a budget!

Click here to see the Commercial.


Joe and I ate lunch at O’Charlies today and I ordered Chicken Fingers.  One of my Chicken Fingers looked like a fish!

Look there is a dark spot for an eye and check out the fins!  It didn’t show up in the picture very well but it even looked like it had gills!  It really was chicken, but I thought this was a fun random thing!  I decided to call it Fiscken!  🙂